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I’ve been wondering why I Iaugh when I’m happy, but sometimes when I laugh…I cry.  And sometimes when I’m sad, I cry, but when I’m  overwhelmingly happy…I cry, too.

I wonder if the wires in my brain are possibly crossed.  People probably think I’m an emotional train wreck.  All in a day’s work I guess.



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For anyone interested in reading my book, for a limited time the Kindle version is on discount for 99 cents.  It would be a great time to check it out!!  Especially if you have it on your book shelf to read.  Download it now and read it when you have a chance.

A great opportunity…


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The best gift ever….

I must admit that I have been in a very depressed state the last month or so after I dropped my computer and lost so many memories.  No just photos, videos, and music.  I also lost all of my 2013 work documents and all of my progress on the second book I was writing.  I’ve really been beating myself up.  If I hadn’t let it slip off of the counter, if I had been more responsible, more diligent.  If only I had backed up my documents. 

The what if’s are endless.  I just kind of gave up and resigned myself to the fact that maybe bad things happen for a reason and I should just give in and give up.  All of this negative mojo made it very difficult to get in the holiday spirit.  But I received one of the most thoughtful gifts for Christmas.  While I have been moping around, my family snuck and had my computer fixed.  All of my documents are still gone, but the unwavering faith my family has in me is quite humbling.  They don’t want me to give up, they want me to keep writing.  Their love and support was enough to make me shape up and snap out of my doom and gloom mentality. 

So, I already know what my New Year’s resolution will be…to keep working and do everything in my power not to let them down.  Oh, and maybe not drop my computer again, like ever. 


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County Fair Time…

It’s that time of year again…the infamous county fair.  Although it may be small, there is no other that quite spells community.  You can’t pull in and exit your vehicle without seeing a friendly face, a smile, and a ‘how do you do?’.  You can enter a watermelon eating contest, a skillet throw, tractor pull or mud bog, or any number of talent/beauty contests.  There’s lively entertainment pretty much all day long that will keep you tapping your toes or swaying back and forth.  It’s impossible to ignore; almost contagious. 

There’s a livestock sale to benefit the FHA and 4-H members.  A smelly barn full of very vocal animals to tour and beautiful hand made quilts that will leave you in awe (these aren’t in the barn of course).  Lots of games to play if you’re willing to take a risk.  And don’t forget to take time to enjoy fresh cotton candy or funnel cakes.  It just wouldn’t be the complete experience without it.

Carnival rides for the kids amusement, a nice shady spot to cop a squat and rest, an opportunity to catch up with old friends or the possibility to make new ones.  It’s a wonderful week…fair time.  I hope everyone partakes.

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Limited time offer…

I am offering a free promotion of the kindle version of my book on  You can download it for free today and tomorrow.

If you happen to check it out, I would be grateful to receive an unbiased review.  Thanks

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Another review…

I just wanted to share another review I received on my book. Made my whole day…maybe even my whole week.

Wings of Hope
by B.K. Pethtel (Goodreads Author)

Julie’s review
Aug 01, 13

Read from July 25 to August 01, 2013

I didn’t want this book to end. Just fabulous, starts off just in the real world then takes you to another world I can’t wait for the next book.

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And the verdict is…

One of the winners from my first giveaway left me a review.  My desire, when I published this book, was to have at least one stranger read my book and actually enjoy it.  I do believe I have accomplished what I set out to do.  Yay!

Kari          rated it           4 of 5 stars                

            Shelves:                     first-reads          
I received this book from goodreads first reads on May 28, 2013.
What a fun read.  I’m glad I got a chance to check it out!
After reading I donated this book to the Douglas County Library.  hopefully many more people can enjoy this book as much as I did.
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